Hi, my name is Trent and my wife known as Mrs Spicy, we’ve started this blog as we have a massive passion for food and everything about it.

I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia while Mrs Spicy was born and raised in the Northern Province of Thailand, originally born in Chiang Rai, however was raised in a small village in Lampang, Thailand. We’ve been married for just over a year and enjoying her relocation to Sydney.

Being fortunate enough myself to live for 8 years in Portland, Oregon while working in the Advertising/Direct Marketing industry and then for 4 years in Phuket, Thailand while owning a restaurant and bar with my father; whom still lives in Thailand today, in the outer suburbs of Bangkok. I’m sure you can appreciate I’ve had the opportunity to try different kinds of food while living in these countries, which has helped develop my palate……and my stomach.

While living in Phuket, my father and I noticed there was a large shortage of decent expat food, specifically small goods…..sausages. We purchased a 20 litre sausage machine and started producing our own sausages which we then started selling on to othe bars, restaurants and hotels around Phuket. We were surprised how something like an every day sausage back home was so highly sought after amongst the expat community. Also knowing exactly what we were putting into the sausages was a big factor, fresh meat, fresh herbs/spices, little fat and none of the filler proteins most butchers would use to extend the meat.

We hope you will follow our journey here at FoodAssault.com with us and learn something along the way. If you have a recipe that you’ve tried and would recommend, go ahead and send it through to us and we’ll be more than happy to try it…..and will provide credit back to you.

If you want more information about any articles published here or if you have a recipe or restaurant you think we should know about, please feel free to email us.

We’re looking forward to a fun and exciting journey……once again, thank you for stopping by……now….DIG IN! :)