Seafood Platter in Sydney at Peter Doyle @ The Quay

Put your hand up if you love seafood…….Me Too!

As a kid our family would frequently go to Doyles at Watson’s Bay for most birthdays during the warmer summer months, and boy was it a treat. I recall when I was 12, a growing boy with a healthy appetite when I tackled the Seafood Platter for Two. I could never knock it off on my own, so Grandma would always be more than happy to help me out. Those were definitely the days…….I certainly miss them.

October was my Birthday, and as I love my seafood I couldn’t think of a better place to have it than Doyles. Other than the seafood, our main concern was the rain and awful weather, so we decided on Doyles @ The Quay. It’s a good spot as it has plenty of cover and is close to Sydney Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe’ so needless to say the wife was more than happy.

The weather ended up being perfect, the view of the harbour always sensational on a day like this and the company…..well that goes without saying :)

We started with a nice beer & cocktail before kicking off with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to nicely compliment a dozen Pacific Oysters. Boy were we impressed!

Peter Doyle at the Quay - Coffin Bay Pacific Oysters

Peter Doyle at the Quay – Coffin Bay Pacific Oysters

These bad boys were massive although not quite as big as the oysters we get on holidays in Phuket, Thailand which are usually about the size of your palm. Nice and plump with the right amount of lemon juice and pink river salt flakes, this was the perfect way to start our lunch. I’d never eaten oysters before with this type of salt and enjoyed it so much we bought a box to keep at home.

Just as we were finishing up the oyster starter they brought out our cold seafood platter for two. Seriously, how much food can we eat? Apparently a lot as we destroyed this piece of art. Looks good aye?

Cold Seafood Platter for Two

Cold Seafood Platter for Two

We weren’t expecting oysters on the platter and could probably have done without them after our starter, although we had no problem finishing them off. My wife and I make a good team as she doesn’t like smoked salmon and I’m not a huge lover of mussels, so we traded off quite well.

Being the first time she’s ever eaten lobster, it was another great way to enjoy the day and the seafood. Everything tasted just right and there were no complaints what-so-ever…..we’ll definitely be back and recommend Peter Doyle @ The Quay to anyone. The service was good, not fantastic as I would expect from a restaurant of this calibre and location considering the amount of competition on the area; it wouldn’t prevent me from coming back, that’s for sure.

Next month it’s the wife’s Birthday, so we might be back here or it’s off to Doyles at Watson’s Bay.

Photos by Trent Carpenter

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Disclaimer: Food Assault were paying diners at Peter Doyle at The Quay. Opinions are Food Assault’s own.

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  1. Chris @ MAB vs Food says

    I love oysters from Coffin Bay! All the seafood on that platter looks amazing! I feel like having some lobster now and its past midnight haha
    Chris @ MAB vs Food recently posted…Peter’s Best at Est. – 25 Nov 2013My Profile

    • Trent Carpenter says

      HAHAHA, I get the same way looking at your and other food blogs late at night.

      You should try out the seafood platter there….I do think it’s one of if not THE best in Sydney. Where do you go for your fresh seafood?

    • Trent Carpenter says

      Same for me….my favourites are shellfish too. I wish Alaskan King Crab was more readily available though.

  2. GourmetGetaways says

    I used to love going to Doyles at Wattsons Bay too!
    I am such a fan of seafood as well, I love the way all of the dishes are presented, and your pics are great!
    GourmetGetaways recently posted…Anchors Wharf RestaurantMy Profile

    • Trent Carpenter says

      Thanks Julie…..they really do excel on their seafood compared to most Sydney seafood restaurants. I may be biased as it’s perfect for ME however you get everything you want and soooooo fresh.

  3. Food is our religion says

    wowzer! look at that seafood platter! love how vibrant all the seafood looks!
    Food is our religion recently posted…Hershey’s Chocolate World and Washington D.C., USAMy Profile

    • Trent Carpenter says

      I know…’s awesome hey Shan Shan. I’m looking for the ultimate seafood platter in Sydney and I think I’m going to struggle in beating this one.

      It’s so amazingly fresh…..perfect for this time of year! Thanks for stopping by.

    • Trent Carpenter says

      I don’t think there’s a better one in Sydney……not that I’ve found yet. The eternal search for the seafood platter is something I’m happy with :)

      I’ve also recently tried Nick’s at King Street Wharf…..very nice, however the seafood platter for 2 is barely enough for 1 person. Have you a recommendation for another seafood platter?

  4. Karl says

    Those Pacific Oysters look great! What is better then some delicious Oysters on a hot Sydney Day!? Well I guess a cold seafood platter hehe
    Karl recently posted…London’s Top Tourist SpotsMy Profile

    • Trent Carpenter says

      That’s so true Karl. I wasn’t much of an oyster fan until I moved to Thailand……those things are huge and the use of herbs with their fresh oysters gave me a new found respect.

      I do love my prawns and crab though!

    • Trent says

      That’s for sure! I agree, we truly are spoiled for choice with our amazing seafood. I just had a seafood platter at home last night, some cold/fresh and some BBQ’d. Love it!

  5. Sara @bellyrumbles says

    Love seafood too! Can there ever be too many oysters? Great way to celebrate.
    Sara @bellyrumbles recently posted…Harbourside Beach BarbieMy Profile

    • Trent says

      To many oysters? Neverrrrrrrrr and agree, a great way to celebrate.

      Where’s your favourite seafood restaurant in Sydney Sara?

  6. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella says

    We all love seafood in our family too! The view is perfect there and the ideal city setting for lovely seafood. Happy NYE!

    • Trent says

      It certainly is Lorraine; However I prefer the restaurant they have at Watsons Bay, for growing up sentimental reasons too. Even better on the beach on a lovely sunny day.

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